The Right Doses of Phenibut for Sleep and Anxiety

The benefits of nootropics are difficult to quantify. Many variables contribute to their effectiveness, such as an individual’s age, diet, mood, genetic background, and environmental stimuli, making it difficult to accurately measure the impact of smart drugs.

Choosing the Right Phenibut Dosage

What’s more, nootropics are becoming so popular among students and athletes that experts are raising concerns about cognitive performance enhancement:

The original purpose of medicine is to heal the sick, not turn healthy people into gods.

They claim that increased use of such drugs could raise the standard of what is considered “normal” performance and widen the gap between those who have access to the medications and those who don’t — and even erode the relationship between struggle and the building of character.

Others have questioned whether it’s even possible to truly enhance human intelligence using synthetic drugs, at least in the long term. They argue that our current model of evolution does not allow for any “free lunches”, and that any simple major enhancement to human intelligence is a net evolutionary disadvantage.

It’s in this uncertain fog of topics like bioethics and evolution where real nuggets of information about nootropics can be found. Discussing them might seem a bit trivial if all you want to do is measure a dose of phenibut, but they form the basis of understanding how and why nootropics should be used.

While a higher IQ is one of the more highly sought after outcomes of taking any smart drug, it’s not the only outcome. Many nootropics have multiple benefits, and phenibut is no exception.

Phenibut’s Dual Roles: Anxiety and Intelligence

While the idea of enhancing our intelligence and lowering our anxiety through the equivalent of taking daily vitamins seems preposterous to some, it is a very real possibility for those trying to reach their full potential.

Many nootropics users show improvements in their academic ability, social relationships, and even their overall quality of life from a rather modest nootropic regimen.

As with any supplement routine it is best to talk to your health care provider first to ensure that there is no conflict with existing medications or conditions.

If you decide to take phenibut in the privacy and comfort of your home, the best course of action is to consciously test a variety of doses in different conditions and find a scenario that works best for you as an individual.

Phenibut Dosage Based On Aggregate User Experience Reports

Disclaimer: these numbers are derived entirely from first hand internet reports. The Nootropics Cabinet is not responsible for any amazing health benefits or unwanted complications from following the advice on this site.

Guys: 15-17 milligrams per pound of body weight

For a healthy guy in his late teens or early twenties, this comes out to about 2.5 grams. Split this between two or three separate doses throughout the day.

Girls: 8-10 milligrams per pound of body weight

For a healthy girl around the same age, the proper dose is about 1 gram (again, spread throughout the day).

How do you take Phenibut?

There are two common ways to take phenibut and choosing one or the other is a matter of personal preference. Phenibut can be ingested in capsule, crystal, or powder form. We generally recommend the capsules as the powder and crystals are quite sour.

Nevertheless, buying phenibut in bulk form is often cheaper in the long run. Some of our visitors prefer to buy the powder and then capsulate the phenibut themselves (you can often find empty capsules available online quite cheap).

For convenience and efficiency, we typically suggest purchasing the capsules. If you’re taking phenibut in powder form, dissolve the powder in a sweet or sour liquid (any citrus beverage works — except grapefruit!) and drink in one sitting. Orange juice is a popular juice solvent for phenibut.

How long does it take to work?

It’s important to note that while Phenibut will work very quickly, it is not instantaneous. While you needn’t wait for months or even days for it to “kick in”, it does take a few hours to feel its effects.

We generally suggest allowing for two to three hours for Phenibut to fully work. You will feel it when it begins working. In the interim, it is not recommended that you increase the dosage. Everyone’s takes phenibut for different reasons, though chief among these is social anxiety.

How long does it last?

The effects of Phenibut can last up to 24 hours. However, this does depend on the dosage. For example, taking smaller doses for minor stress relief or sleep (typically 250 – 500 mg as needed), one is likely to experience the calming effect of phenibut for a few hours.

The recommended dosage for social anxiety (listed above) can have effects lasting for up to 24 hours; when taking this dosage, you are likely to go to bed at night and wake still enjoying the benefits of phenibut.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that depending upon your body’s natural metabolism, your tolerance to Phenibut, etc. the duration of the effects of Phenibut may last longer or for shorter amounts of time.

It is best to begin with our recommendations and then adjust accordingly to what works best for you.

You may require more or less than the recommended dosage on this site. However, until you know how Phenibut is going to effect you, it is best to stick with what we have recommended here.

Note: these time frames assume that the phenibut mixture is consumed on an empty stomach; taken with a meal, the time to onset of effects can double. This leads to another frequently asked question.

At low doses, phenibut is a sleep aid

The above doses are intended for phenibut’s use as a nootropic or anxiolytic, and should be taken during waking hours for the purposes of productivity or socializing.

Using a substance of any kind as a sleep aid is a risky endeavor — using an manufactured chemical to induce a natural circadian rhythm seems counterintuitive.

Sleep deprivation can be psychological corrosive for people of all age. When word travels of a “magic bullet” cure, some people overreact and take absurdly high doses. As with all nootropics, testing and measuring incrementally is the quickest path to reaching a desired outcome.

Reports of using phenibut for sleep suggest a dosage of ~500 mg taken 2 hours before bed on an empty stomach.

Dosing too high to induce sleep will worsen the symptoms associated with phenibut hangover, making the next night’s sleep even more difficult.

Sporadic reports of phenibut and melatonin or ZMA (zinc and magnesium) suggest that phenibut works in concert with other over-the-counter sleep aids at low doses.

The Best Place to Buy Phenibut

Amazon has a decent selection of leading phenibut brands; LiftMode Phenibut is the highest rated and best selling.

Manufactured in the United States with a HPLC-tested purity of more than 99%, it’s tough to find a better deal for the price.

Why is HPLC an Essential Purification Step for Nootropics?

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is used in the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industry to test products and the ingredients used to make them.

This testing is often performed by a pharmaceutical company’s quality control (QC) laboratory. Chemists employed by these manufacturers will run samples of raw materials or finished goods through HPLC machines and then analyze the results.

HPLC is an important test process in the pharmaceutical and medical industries because they fall under the regulatory umbrella established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If a company fails to test products using HPLC and similar methods, the FDA can potentially shut down the company’s entire production line via court order.

At-Home and DIY Phenibut Synthesis

Some nootropics users are either brilliant enough, daring enough or dumb enough to synthesize and purify their own phenibut crystals with homemade lab supplies, with varying degrees of quality control.

To ensure that your experience accurately reflects the potential of phenibut and only phenibut, pass on any nootropics that are not HPLC-purified.

Data Sources

The data for the phenibut dosages come directly from user experiences on Longecity, Erowid, Bluelight, and other popular nootropics forums.

To learn how and why phenibut works, check out this Beginner’s Guide. For help with measuring or ‘eyeballing’ phenibut powder, follow these tips.

Everything else, in one place

We’ve done a lot of research about phenibut (personal and academic) here at Corpina. Check out some of these articles for more info on this unique nootropic:

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